What is Healthspan?

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Healthspan refers to the length of time we live a quality life, free from chronic pain or disease. Not to be confused with lifespan, which focuses on how long we live, healthspan refers to how well we live. It's no surprise people are living longer than ever before, but how much of that life is spent in good health? Chiropractic can help increase our healthspan by addressing four major contributors: exercise, nutrition, structure, and function. Promoting healthy eating habits and a consistent workout routine is just half the battle. Our body relies on a structure/function relationship that helps manage strength, movement, and pain. When our neuromusculoskeletal system is restricted or out of balance, it affects our healthspan. The good news? Chiropractic specializes in treating neuromusculoskeletal symptoms and can help optimize your healthspan!


To provide quality chiropractic care by restoring structural integrity, increasing functional movement, and promoting optimal healthspan.